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  • how to be happy英語作文


    how to be happy英語作文【1】

    Sometimes we may think that happinessis so faraway a thing that we couldn't touch it. But with time passing by,I gradually understand the meaning of happiness. It turns out to be easy. You know what?You could take everything as a reason to be happy. When you come across an old friend,you can feel happinessfrom the bottom of your heart. When you see someone else smileto you in the morning ,you might be happy the whole day? When you find a letter which is written by your teacher,you may feel satisfaction. And when you give a seat to a pregnant woman you must be proud of yourself and be happy.

    Remember when you just smileto the world,you will receive double of that.Believe it or not.Happiness is with you all the time and the most important thing is that you catch it and cherish it!

    how to be happy英語作文【2】

    When I do well in the exam, I will show my paper to my parents, they are so happy to see me do well in the exam. I want to be happy all the time. But I have put so much pressure on myself. One day, my parents tell me that they don’t care how I do well in the exam, they just want me to be happy. I know I should relax myself and be happy.


    how to be happy英語作文

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